Online shopping coming soon!
Online shopping coming soon!
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To our valued customers and community members,

In light of the uncertain and ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, we’ve made a very difficult decision to close the shop until further notice. We do this in hopes of stopping any community transmission of the virus and for the safety of our employees and customers. Now is the time to learn and follow what the rest of the world is going through. If we address the situation now, and all do our parts in social distancing - then we have a chance of FLATTENING THE CURVE! Lets not downplay the situation by any means and lets beat this virus! We understand the inconvenience this may cause some of you but we thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay well, stay safe! Take care of others around you, especially the disabled and elderly. Practice social distancing and wash your hands often! Keep up with us on social media as we will be creating content to keep you feeling happy and hopeful! Yours truly, Earth & Sol

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