Yoga Mat

  • Eco friendly yoga mat made with all natural materials.

  • Artwork printed into towel side of yoga mat based on an original textured acrylic painting by artist and yoga teacher Sam James.

  • Machine wash with minimal soap in cold water on delicate, no spins. One mat per laundry load. Hang to dry.    

  • Ideal for yoga, hot yoga, pilates, exercise, strength training, stretching and workouts.

  • The mats are foldable, making them easy for travel.

  • Size: 188cm x 68cm x 4mm / 74” x 27” x 0.157” 

  • Weight: 2.6 kg / 5.7 lbs

Made from tree rubber and natural microfibers with water based ink. Safe and non-toxic. Super absorbent towel top that gets grippier as you sweat. Soft rubber base forms to your touch. 


Machine Washable. One mat per load. Cold water on delicate. No spin or low spins. Hang to dry.

Tactile Art

All designs are images of Sam James' original paintings. They are ephemeral moments of feeling captured in time.



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