Rose Quartz Gua Sha


Gemstone Gua Shas are benefit-packed and are the perfect beauty tool for your self-care rituals!   

-brighten complexion 

-sculpt cheekbones 

-tighten skin

-tighten pores

-reduce wrinkles 

-calm inflammation

-plump up skin

-reduce puffiness in the face and under eye area

-promote product penetration 

-stimulate detoxification 

-stimulate lymphatic system


Rose Quartz encourages the heart to open, bringing more love and trust into our lives. It uncovers the underlying causes of other problems such as negative self-image and replaces it with self-love. Rose quartz allows total healing and inner-peace. It fosters an appreciation of beauty and inspires feelings of love and friendship. It is well known for its other name: the “Love Stone.” It sends the vibration of love into its surroundings and aids those nearby. It is known to stimulate sensuality and romance. It is so powerful in opening the heart that it lets out any lingering emotional baggage and allows us to forgive. It allows us to express ourselves so we can once again make room for love in our lives. 

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