7 Chakra Orgonite Charging/Display Plate

$94.50 $99.50

Handmade Orgonite plate - perfect for charging and displaying your crystals! 

Orgonite is made up of organic (polyester resin and crystals) and inorganic materials (metal shavings i.e. Aluminum or Copper.) The organic material holds and attracts the orgone energy while the inorganic materials repel it. Due to the attracting and repelling of energy, a “scrubbing” action occurs along with the charge the crystal radiates, it aids in cleansing stagnant and negative power, turning it back to its healthy, vibrant state. 

Benefits of Orgonite:

-protection against/decreased sensitivity to EMFs

-deepen meditation 

-remove negative energy in a specific place

-strengthen intentions and visualizations

-better sleep and vivid dreams

-more energy 

-known to balance moods

-spiritual and psychological growth

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