Himalayan Salt Candle Holder


Himalayan Salt candle holders create a beautiful ambiance in any space! Perfect for lighting up during meditations or spiritual practice or just a cozy night in! Not only are they a great for decor, Himalayan Salt candle holder have tons of healing and health benefits! 

Himalayan Salt and it’s benefits:

-balances electromagnetic radiation 

-cleanses, deodorizes and purifies air

-calms allergies and reduces asthma 

-boosts blood flow

-raises energy levels

-sharpens concentration and performance 

-enhances mood

-enhances overall breathing

-reduces stress and promotes relaxation 

-improves sleep

Himalayan Salt can be heated and when used as a salt lamp or candle holder it is releasing negative ions to purify the air. Negative ions help to clean the air - decreasing irritation due to inhaling particles that make us sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation. Negative ions also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain - allowing us to stay more alert and focused while decreasing drowsiness. 



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