Hammock Chair


These hammocks are handmade by the Triquis indigenous artisans from San Juan Copada, Mexico.

These hammocks are made of unbleached and uncoloured cotton using a traditional interwoven thread to create an extremely comfortable and supportive net suitable for fully reclining or peaceful sitting. This is perfect to have inside an apartment or to hang from anywhere.

Your purchase support this community's livelihood and continuation of their rich traditions!

Does not include chain. 


Spreader Bar length - 83 cm

Bar diameter: 3.5 cm

Support Weight - 150kg

Hanging Height Required - 1.95cm+

100% cotton

Wooden spreader bar


*Note all sizes are approximates, as each hammock is handmade, they can have slightly different measures.

Product Care:

- spot clean

- lay flat to dry

- store under cover when not in use

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