Calcite, Jasper and Onyx Bracelet


One size fits all. Handmade. 

Calcite helps link individuals to the natural cycle of continuous change and transmutation while enabling effortless flow. It helps shift energy that has become stagnant or slow moving and assists in bringing clarity by removing friction as well as dissonance. Calcite also soothes and calms agitated emotions - resulting in a quiet mind. 

Black Onyx is a calming stone helping balance excitability and quick temper. It grounds and concentrates energy while helping to cleanse. It alleviates problems in an orderly way and reveals underlying causes of situations. It can quieten powerful emotional states and encourage stillness as well as introspection. Black Onyx is also a powerful protection stone. 

Jasper gently grounds and acts as a steadying anchor. It helps focus on practicalities and encourages enthusiasm as well as drive. It provides unique solutions tp practical problems and nurtures any damaged areas of the body, aiding recovery, and repair. 

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