Akuspike Acupressure Mat


What it Akuspike Acupressure Mat:



With 5 organic metals, Aku helps to stimulate body parts increasing blood circulation and facilitating oxygen supply. It also helps to remove harmful metabolic by-products that build up in our circulatory systems. Endorphins and enkephalins (painkilling, relaxing, and mood enhancing chemicals) are released when massaging these acupressure points that trigger our central nervous system. The contact of conductive metals to our skin also has a warming effect that is healing and therapeutic - allowing for faster recovery. 

What it does:

- relax tense muscles 

- recover from muscular injury

- reduce stress and anxiety

- increase energy 


All Aku products are build with high grade metals that are naturally occurring in the human body. The metals are copper, zinc, silver, nickel, and iron.

Mat Dimensions:

Length: 12.75”

Width: 18.75”

Spikes per mat: 2710




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