Abalone Shell


Abalone Shells and their beautiful iridescence have been used for centuries for burning and containing smouldering herbs and incense. They are ideal for burning herbs such as sage and sweet grass as well as resin incense. And when not in use, they make a great decorative accent piece. The Abalone Shell is known to encompass healing properties such as peace, love, and gentle soothing. Its light vibrations calms the nerves and allows intuitive connections. The Abalone Shell, being tossed and turned in the sea, comes out beautiful as ever - thus representing that we too, can come out beautifully from the toughest of times. Each shell is unique and  may vary in colour, shape, and size. 

How to use:

We recommend insulating the bottom of the shell with a minimum of 1 inche of sand or ash to protect the shell against high temperatures. Place your lit herbs or incense in the shell and let it burn out on its own. When not being used as a heat-proof holder, the Abalone Shell can be used as a container to hold your herbs and incense that are in use. 

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